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Online seminar announcement

(Note: This course is in Japanese and no interpretation will be provided.)

Examining history as a reflection on the future and love of Oriental Medicine
It's been 6 years since I left my mother to teach at an acupuncture school and a nursing college.
The essays that students submit for their assignments often express mixed feelings about the oriental medicine they are currently studying, which is a mixture of anxiety and expectations.
The harder people work to learn, the more confused and anxious they become.
What direction will Oriental medicine take in the future?
As a therapist, how can I make people happy?
The more people try to perfect their profession, the more they become aware of the need to know its roots, or ``history.''
Learn about the history of the therapy that you currently provide to your patients and clients, where it came from, and how it has made people happy.
In the essay, after I had written about my anxiety, I found these powerful words written.
“I want to become a person who can use my words and actions to expand and connect the world where Eastern medicine and Western medicine can coexist. Thank you for the class that changed my ``heart.''
If you are currently feeling like reconsidering your position as a therapist, why not learn together?
Rather than "history" as knowledge, we want to learn about history so that you can receive "love" toward the future from the tireless efforts of our predecessors.
■Tuition fee: 36,000 yen (special price to commemorate the opening of the course!)
■Payment method: Bank transfer or credit card (PayPal)
■Application: The application page is at the URL below.
(You can access it by scanning the QR code from the flyer)

■About single course application
Single applications are possible for up to 2 lectures. (5,000 yen per lecture. If you apply for 2 lectures, the fee will be 10,000 yen)

■Course schedule: 3rd Sunday from February to November ■Course time: 9:00-22:30 for all classes ■A summary of the 10 lectures is as follows (the content may change slightly).
Lecture 1 (February 18th)
Learning from Nightingale about the "universal care" common to Eastern and Western medicine Lecture 2 (March 17)
The era of integrative medicine - What modern medicine requires of oriental medicine and complementary and alternative medicine Lecture 3 (April 21)
How did Japanese people accept Western medicine?
Lecture 4 (May 19th)
How has Oriental medicine (Chinese medicine, acupuncture) survived within Western medicine?
Lecture 5 (June 16th)
Overcoming the war and GHQ's recommendation to ban acupuncture - Lecture 6 on the light and shadow of "scientific" acupuncture (July 21st)
Why did Japan's "classical acupuncture" and "Kampo" undergo a "revival" during the Taisho and Showa periods?
Lecture 7 (August 18th)
Plurality of the “story” of Chinese medicine Lecture 8 (September 15)
Chinese history and medicine (2): From the establishment of canons to the Song Dynasty “Medical Renaissance” Lecture 9 (October 20)
Japanese history and medicine (1): "Distance" between Japanese medicine and Chinese medicine - Differences in context Lecture 10 (November 17)
Japanese History and Medicine (2) Summary: The future of Oriental medicine that supports the “heart”


Matsuda Hiroki's New Kindle Book Release 

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This is the third volume of the series of talks by Hirokoh Matsuda, succeeding "In Search of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion I" and "In Search of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion II" published by Midori-shobo. (Note: Available on Amazon, in Japanese only)

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