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March-May 2023

Four Major Events Hosted by the High Desert Hari Society

1. Kampo Treatment of Blood Disorders with Nigel Dawes, MA, LAc
Location: Sante Fe New Mexico, US
March 3-5 2023
Delve deep into blood formulas and learn why they are the cornerstone of the practice of Kampo (22.5 CEUs

2. T Koei Kuwahara Sensei’s final US Seminars
Location: Sante Fe New Mexico, US
March 25-26 2023
Return to the basics and refine your root diagnosis and treatment (15 CEUs pending)

Jacksonville, Florida, US: May 13-14
Boost efficacy with qi cultivation and branch treatments (15 CEUs pending)

3. Kampo Online Study Group
Monthly Via Zoom: With Nigel Dawes, MA, LAc. Refine your diagnostic skills and knowledge of formulas.

4. NAJOM Benefit Seminars in Vancouver, BC
  • Hideo Takahashi (April 15-16): Japanese Abdominal Treatment
  • Junji Mizutani (May 13-14): Theory and Hands-on Practice of Bamboo-Tube Moxibustion
Location: Sourcepoint Shiatsu Centre, 3261 Heather St, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Cost: USD $300/each seminar
Notes: We will provide all attendants with Mubun-style dashin mallets and needles at the Takahashi seminar and an entire moxa kit at the Mizutani seminar.

May 2023

Sotai Summit 2023: An International Immersion of Styles
with Stephen Brown, Hiro Komatsu, Bob Quinn &; Jeffrey Dann
May 6-7 2023 (Sat 10-6 & Sun 9-5)

Join us online to explore four approaches to sotai:
   Stephen Brown: Foundations of Sotai
   Hiro Komatsu: Skin-fascia Sotai
   Bob Quinn: Yin Sotai
   Jeffrey Dann: Micro-Sotai (Cervical focus)
$325 (Professionals) / $260 (Students)
14 NCCAOM PDAs (Pending)

March-September 2023

Two Major Events Hosted by the Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Institute
Details and registration:

1. Six-module/150-hour Certification Course
April through September 2023: One weekend per month
Instructors: Stephen Brown, Jeffrey Dann, Takahiro Funamizu, Koei Kuwahara, Atsuki Maeda, Morihiro Murata, Mark Petruzzi, and via zoom lecture: Mizutani Junji
Cost: $650 for each individual module, or $3500 for full TJA program (equal to $400 savings)
Payment plans available
Location: Long Island, NY, US

2. Qi, Blood and Fluids: An introductory Integration of Manual Medicine for Acupuncturists
Instructors: Jeffrey Dann and Mark Petruzzi
August 11-13 2023
Location: Kaimana Beach Hotel, Waikiki
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
Email to register:

NAJOM Seminars

NAJOM’s 2023 Benefit Seminars with Hideo Takahashi & Junji Mizutani
Sponsored by the High Desert Hari Society
Instructors and dates (9am-5pm each day)
    Hideo Takahashi (4/15-16): Japanese Abdominal Treatment.
    Junji Mizutani (5/13-14): Theory and Hands-on Practice of Bamboo Tube Moxibustion
Location: Sourcepoint Shiatsu Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hideo Takahashi will introduce Japanese abdominal treatments using three techniques: abdominal diagnosis by fukushin (abdominal palpation & diagnosis), ampuku (abdominal massage), and dashin (mallet and needle technique). Students at the Takahashi seminar will be provided with Mubun-style dashin mallets and needles.

Junji Mizutani will cover the theory, physiology and hands-on practice of direct, bamboo-tube moxibustion as a safe, comfortable and highly-effective treatment, focusing on symptomatic treatment, autonomic nerve balancing treatment, and Sawada-style whole body treatment. Students will be provided with moxa kits at this seminar.

Cost: USD $300/each seminar. Payments made online incur a non-refundable 3% processing fee.
Cancellation policy: 100% refund if cancellation is made 28 days or longer before the first date of the seminar. No refunds will be made within 28 days.
Register: If you have any questions related to registration or payment, please reach out to Eric Michaelsen, HDHS Program Director, at:
Lifetime Mentorship and Membership: ShinKyu University
Now enrolling for online and in-person study.
ShinKyu University is a lifetime membership and mentorship course created for newer practitioners intrigued by Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion.
Helps students achieve superior results by building on their TCM education with continued mentorship in Japanese acu/moxa technique theory, and community.
Over 20 CA/NCCAOM PDAs available.
Sign up: 

​* Member requests for event postings can be e-mailed in the above format to Brent at the following e-mail: najommoxa at gmail dot com. 

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