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Our team of volunteers

Interested in volunteering?

Mizutani Junji

Cheryl Coull

Associate Editors
Stephen Brown
Ted Thomas

Business/Web Support
Brent Ackerman

Thomas Hurrle

Kris Tung

Social Media

Guy Traiber

Fiona Hurlock
Kanesaka Rumiko
Kat Ao

Cover calligraphy
Shudo Denmei


Aoki Mizuho
Lynette Airey
Horie Mariko
Hosoyamada Noriko
​Kanesaka Rumiko
Kinoshita Chiemi
Emily Kiba
Kodama Toru
Kiyose Shinichi
Mizutani Chiyo
Andrew J Pollak
Sakamoto Takako
Wada Masako
Iwatsu Yuko
Ikeda Rumiko
Toda Sayaka
Izawa Ryosuke
Nakamura Toru
Yamamoto Masumi
Matsushita Tomoko
Ueda Noriko

Midori McGivern

Kusumoto Daijiro

Takashina Lise

Hatakeyama Yukiko

Asahara Yue

Eric Michaelsen

Tomoko Okasaki

NAJOM is 100% a volunteer organization and depends on the kind support of its members. If you have a few hours a month, you can put your skills to work for the NAJOM community. Currently, we are looking for help in the following areas:

Editing/proofreading: In either English or Japanese. 

Translation: Japanese to English or English to Japanese.

Layout/design: In English and Japanese. We use Adobe InDesign and simple preset guidelines. Experience would be an asset, but training can be provided.

Web/Social media presence: Our existing website is very simple. We need experienced help and a small amount of time to maintain or improve it.

Representation in Japan: We need a ‘voice’ on the ground in Japan (and other countries), to increase readership and participation. Existing seeds can be sewn and nourished.

NAJOM Ambassadors: To represent/increase awareness of NAJOM at seminars and conferences (this might involve asking instructors for a few minutes to introduce the journal or space to set up a small display).

Advertising: Identifying and communicating with potential advertisers.

Accounting: To meet obligations as a non-profit society.

Fundraising: In support of NAJOM's key projects such as Moxafrica, research, and international relief.

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