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The Japanese edition of Shudo Denmei’s Point Location (2) DVD has been dubbed into English. This is a live recording of Shudo Denmei’s study group run by Takashima Masa-aki, who is both his student and a professional videographer. The English version is the first half of the Japanese edition and covers the location and needling technique for SI-11, LI-11, ST-12, Iliac Point, BL-25, 27, 39 & 40, LR-8 & 4, GV-15 & 16, and upper BL-10. 

Shudo Denmei demonstrates how to locate 'active points', grounded in his 50 years of clinical experience. Details of his technique, like the exact placement of his hands are difficult to learn in a seminar, but they can be mastered through repeated viewing of the many close-ups in this DVD.

Length: 57 minutes


* This a hardcopy version of this product that will be mailed to you. We also have a downloadable version available in the store.

Shudo Denmei’s Point Location Practice Video (Hardcopy DVD)

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