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Needle and Moxa Suppliers

With over 300 years as a needle manufacturer, Maeda Toyokichi Shoten is a large online provider of all types of Japanese needles, from stainless, gold, silver and cobalt to high-quality contact needles, and hand-made to machine-made. They also carry a wide variety of autoclavable steel guide tubes, shonishin tools, carry cases, other acupuncture products. 


Sankei Moxa is a moxibustion shop specializing in all things moxa, including dried moxa, incense sticks, bamboo tubes, and onkyu tools, as well as filiform needles, books, and other unique products. It's conveniently located near Kanda Station in Tokyo, and they also ship product internationally. The owner, Hiroshi Enomoto speaks Japanese, English and Spanish and is full of interesting stories.


Founded in 1895, Yamasho is Japan's premier moxa manufacturer. They make a wide variety of moxa floss for direct, needle-top and warming moxa, as well as stick-type and Chosei-kyu stick-on moxa.

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